Christmas telly (includes Merlin finale, Homeland finale and Doctor Who Xmas special spoilers)

Oooh its been ages since I did a TV post, anyway……



*Sob*, the ending of Merlin, *sob*. Merlin ended at the right time, after 5 series it was getting too predictable, ‘ooh someone’s flying backwards’ again, ‘oooh someone’s gone all evil so of course they’ve had a complete wardrobe change and are now just wearing dark clothing’ again etc etc. However in the last few episodes there has been some wonderful acting from the two main leads; Colin Morgan (Merlin) and Bradley James (Arthur), specially in their scenes when they’re together on their own and in that final episode where Merlin tells Arthur what he really is and Arthur rejects him and then grows to appreciate and finally thank him, *gulp*. This was bromance on full blast and I think it’s unusual, specially in prime time telly, for script writers to give two male actors material to do such really emotional stuff together. I think Merlin reached its natural end and I am now really looking forward to seeing what Colin Morgan and Bradley James do next with their careers.

(I also liked the very ending, a glimpse of Merlin in modern times, that just instantly brings stories into your head, where’s he been? what’s he been doing all this time?)

The Raymond Briggs-athon

The Snowman and the snowdog02_web

Raymond Briggs was very much part of my childhood and I don’t think I appreciated back then exactly how good the art work was, well The Snowman anyway, I think Raymond Briggs Father Christmas is showing its age a bit but what I didn’t quite get as a kid is exactly how depressing his stuff is! They’ve shown The Snowman, Father Christmas and the new The Snowman and the Snowdog over Christmas, at least it’s a good thing I don’t think they’re showing the Raymond Briggs cartoon about nuclear war, now that was one book I very clearly remember from my childhood. But hey I’m all for showing good quality animation on TV in an age where everything can be a bit too slapdash and computer-fied.

Room on a Broom


Just as my childhood was firmly in the grips of Raymond Briggs, my kids are firmly in the grip of Julia Donaldson and I’m happy that they’re in more cheerful hands, with her not completely saccharine messages (after all The Gruffalo proves that bad things do sometimes exist but on the other hand if you’re smart and clever you can defeat them) that are far more positive. I think Room on a Broom was so clearly turned into a cartoon because The Gruffalo was so successful and whereas most of Julia Donaldson’s books are good, The Gruffalo is so in a league of its own, it can be very tempting to compare anything else unfavourably. So trying desperately to forget The Gruffalo, I liked Room on a Broom, I think I liked more the fact that Boy Lacer was sitting next to me reciting the lines from memory for a good part of the cartoon (he’s just done Room on a Broom at school). Now can they do The Smartest Giant in Town next please?

Doctor Who


New assistant and they’re snogging already! The shocker! I guess it gets the will they won’t they? / will it be platonic? over and done with and I guess the Doctor hasn’t had an assistant to snog for a while, considering he’s been hanging out with a married lady and actually hang on, he’s married, ahh the problems with these multi-temporal relationships. But then of course she’s dead, again, I think this is going to be a really interesting season.

As for the actual episode, it was hard to remember that this was a Stephen Moffatt episode, it seemed a little run of the mill compared to his usual edge of the seat stuff but I guess he had to rein himself in a bit considering you could hardly have Weeping Angels level of terror at Christmas teatime. I liked the snowmen though, I thought whoever designed those as monsters did a good job and it was nice to see thingy from Silent Witness get more work.



Ahh Homeland, proving again that all the best actors in American dramas are British 😉 (not to mention rather good looking). As the current season of Homeland reached its climax we’ve been treated to some really edge of the seat episodes, which made me, of course, expect the final episode to be particularly ‘explosive’ and although yes, it was at the end, yawn, christ it was dull before it got to that bit and I never thought I’d ever associate the word dull with Homeland . . . This episode just felt like one hour long set up for the next series and really didn’t have that much to do with the current series.

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