End of Year Review

Bye bye 2012, it’s been a busy year. I had the honour of working as one of the contractors on a project that pretty much made the news all summer and which I’ll guarantee I’ll be boring my great grandchildren silly about ;). I had surgery on my wrist in the summer, which despite the melodramatic, doom and gloom predictions at the end of 2011 about it, I have a fully functioning hand and now a deep distrust of my local orthopaedics department (thank god I got referred). I’ve learnt that (sorry craft challenge fans) that artificially setting myself deadlines for things that are meant to be fun, for me is not fun. I’ve learnt that it’s pointless planning on cooking overly complicated dishes, as I won’t enjoy it and chances are I probably wouldn’t even start cooking the dish in the first place, despite the menu planning. And I’ve learnt that chopping lots of vegetables, is incredibly relaxing. I’ve learnt that you can’t beat the endorphin rush of exercise. I’ve learnt that I’ve still got a way to go to ensure that I find time for said exercise. I’ve learnt that, at least in a choir, that I can sing reasonably well and that I enjoy it, although not if the choir mistress makes us go with out our song sheets, so consequently next year I’ll be going from two choirs, to just one (the one that lets you sing with the words). I’ve learnt that finding a builder is very much like a courtship (on both sides). I’ve learnt (from still being neck deep in packing boxes) that even though I don’t have that much stuff, I have too much stuff.

Craft highlights

I’ve been loving the mosaics of people’s embroidery work during 2012 that are doing the rounds at the moment, so here’s mine, I’ve done more than I thought (and not everything I did is on here). I’m also quite pleased about the amount of cross stitch.

Embroidery 2012

1. 365:14 Sew Lovely Mermaid Softie, 2. Elsa Mora cushion, 3. Wild Olive Solar System cushion, 4. 365:44 I’m Nuts About You, 5. 365:45 Valentine lavender sachets for the kids, 6. 365:49 One eyed horse monster, 7. 365:58 sew lovely pouch, 8. 365:59 Cushions, 9. Boy and his cat – pattern by Tamar Yanai, 10. The rotten apple, 11. 365:76 Crewel Tree, 12. Sewing Sew Lovely Tattoo Lady, 13. Swim bags, 14. Celtic cross cushion, 15. Sampler hearts, 16. Summersville embellished coasters, 17. Trains, planes and automobiles, 18. 365:167 Jubilee Cushion (June embroidery journal), 19. Little lemon slice, 20. Erin Paisley Sublime Stitching embroidery set, 21. Happy Stitch Bag, 22. I love u beary much, 23. October 2012 stitch along, 24. Brains, 25. Sublime stitching pattern stitched with the new floss, 26. evenweave, 27. uzbec ornaments 1-3, 28. Peacock calendar, 29. Teacher gifts30. Not available

Book highlights

Ooh I always love my nerdy book stats. This year has shown that I read soooo much more when I’m ill (regular readers may guess correctly then, with the amount of book reviews I’ve done recently, that I’ve been ill, a horrible chest infection just when I was about to start packing for the move 😦 ). Anyway, thanks to the wrist surgery and the chest infection, the number of books I’ve read this year is up by 4 to 38; of those 22 were adult fiction(-3 from last year), 12 were YA / children’s fiction (+5 from last year) and 4 were non-fiction (+2 from last year).

I had lots of books I loved this year including World War Z, The Sacrifice, To Be a Cat, Feed, Wolf Hall, Sacrificial Magic and The Hunger Games trilogy but my absolute favourite had to be (what seems to be a common favourite this year) Bring Up The Bodies.


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