One bad gingerbread photo. I do now actually have mini studio lights (thanks Mr. Lacer) but I wanted to eat the cake too much…

I love, love, love cooking in a bigger kitchen and when I say ‘bigger’ it’s not actually that big (you couldn’t for example fit a kitchen table and chairs in there, even just for two) but it goes to show how minuscule my normal kitchen is, that any kitchen is bigger and I get all excited. Even Mr. Lacer cooked this evening, from an actual recipe.

Anyway, the cake is the Gingerbread from Jane Brocket’s Vintage Cakes (which you may be interested to know is one of only two recipe books I brought with me in our temporary move – the other is Tessa Kiros’ Limoncello and Linen Water and I had an awful lot of recipe books to choose from, says she who packed them, however since them I got three recipe books for my birthday, so I’m spoilt for choice this month really). Anyway, the actual cake? Well it does what I wanted it to do, I wanted to make a cake that would last, not just in whether it would quickly spoil or not but how quickly we’d all want to eat it. Basically it’s a nice cake (and it is) but not one of those bakes which disappears before it’s even had a chance to cool down properly, instead it’s one of those reliable cakes which will be a nice mid morning treat or kids’ dessert for at least the next few days, job done.


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