Mildly snowy Thames walk

2013-01-14 09.36.06

Temporarily living somewhere slightly different means that the starting point for my walks has shifted about a mile, which means that Richmond Park is now, although still possible to get to, a bit of a drag to get to whereas the river is a lot closer. I had managed to ‘injure’ my injury prone feet whilst packing, I say ‘injure’ because actually I didn’t injure them in the conventional sense, although Boy Lacer may have stood on them at some point, he does that so often I actually don’t really notice anymore, until I start limping that is, but no, I have pes cavus and although surgically corrected so that my feet are way better in my 30s than they were in my 20s, they’re not perfect and spending a week on my feet packing and lugging heavy boxes was obviously too much for them. So I had to put any walking plans on hold for even longer than the original walk embargoing house of sickness that originally stopped my walks back in December. But anyway, today I walked.

The plan was to head along the Thames to see if I could walk further than I normally walk, as I didn’t have to worry about such a long walk back as I normally do. There’s this point, a curve in the river, which I never seem to get to walk around, it’s always the point where I turn back and I desperately wanted to see what was on the other side.

2013-01-14 09.51.06

So I walked to the curve, which to be honest is a walk I’ve done quite a lot and is a little boring (although perfectly pleasant, although maybe not in January in the snow) but I spotted this guy –

2013-01-14 09.44.20

– and I learnt (after wiping a snow covered tourist information board) that this part of the Thames used to be used as a test run way for water planes. And then I got to the curve, what was around the corner? Not a Thames pathway, that was for certain, as I was forced back up onto the road. I walked on for a bit, hoping to find a way back to the river but gave up in the end, however I did spot another piece of local history that I didn’t know was there.

2013-01-14 10.18.07

An old abandoned water works that apparently played a significant role in reducing cholera in London (I love being able to google things when I’m out with my iPhone).

So now I know, unless I am willing to cross over to the other side of the river, there is no point walking further than the curve. I think next time I’m going to head in the opposite direction!


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