Snowy day cupcakes


It was Girl Lacer’s class cake sale today, now I have, for quite a while now, been a bit lazy with cake sales for both kids and have ended up donating boxes of Mr. Kipling’s ‘finest’ but what with a new bigger kitchen to play with and all, I actually baked today. So of course it snows and the school shuts early and there’s no cake sale, oh dear, guess we’ll have to eat them.

The cakes are ‘classic cupcakes’ from the Primrose Bakery app; I am convinced that the prime benefit of cooking apps is for when you’re in the supermarket, you suddenly realise you need the ingredients for something but you don’t know what the ingredients are, cue checking on your phone.

There are so many different ways to cook basic cupcakes, this one was fairly interesting as it uses a mix of normal and self raising flour. It was slightly annoying though as there was too much mixture (i.e. not actually that annoying, as too much cake never is) but I presume there was too much because the recipe was using muffin cases not cupcake cases, I hate how the term seems to be interchangeable and they expect you to be psychic.

The cakes themselves tasted really nice; I used vanilla paste instead of vanilla extract, as that was all I could weirdly find in the supermarket but ooh very vanilla-y (but not too vanilla-y I was careful about not adding too much). The chocolate icing, I am afraid to say, is out of a can, *blush*, I am historically a bit rubbish with buttercream style icing and although I can make a reasonable icing now with my food mixer, guess what’s in storage? So I bought some of that stuff from that advert for cake decorating stuff that is so cheerful it’s annoying and promptly managed to skewer my thumb with a prong of a fork trying to prise the wrapping off (blood everywhere). And you know what’s even more annoying than that cheerful advert? The fact that each can only decorates 10 cupcakes, who makes just 10 cupcakes? (The actual icing tasted quite nice)

Snowy interval ……



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