rise up while you can

And so to the last of the Newsflesh trilogy. This is going to be hard to review because even without giving away too much about what happens in this book, I’d inevitably give away some of what happened in books 1 and 2. So in a very brief summary about the whole trilogy, it’s about zombies, it’s about truth, it’s about personal responsibility, it’s about a new form of journalism (which zombies or not, we’re beginning to see in today’s world) and it’s about how politicians can use fear to control us (very much today’s world in a way, or at least they try and use fear). It’s a good series, it looks at zombies from quite a different angle, in that society has survived the zombie uprising and has adapted around them, so that everything is still pretty ‘civilised’ and it’s a brilliant allegory about how politicians use the fear of ‘others’ in today’s society.

Blackout **** (out of 5 stars)

Newsflesh trilogy as a whole ***** (out of 5 stars)


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