‘Dear Nigel’

Dear Nigel

Thanks to you and your Kitchen Diaries,  I have not been eating that healthily this week. First there was the chicken, leek and bacon pie, ooh all the crisp butter rich puff pastry (from a packet as you suggested) and that milky thick sauce. The kids declared it better than the school’s chicken pie, which perhaps is not hard, as they don’t like the school’s chicken pie , Girl Lacer still didn’t particularly like the filling but Boy Lacer ate nearly all of it, as did Mr. Lacer, who is still scarred by his mother’s chicken.

And I think you’d approve that I used spare pie filling, the next day, to make the most delicious filled jacket potato.


Then there was the little cupcakes that weren’t really cupcakes as you’re not really a cupcake kinda cook, these had chopped apricots in the batter and oats sprinkled on the top, so at first glance looked quite healthy, so let’s forget about the nearly whole packet of butter (minus a tiny sliver) that went into them and the half a bag of sugar, that made them so damn delicious, my waistline won’t forget.


And then there was that parsley risotto, ahhh buttery carb heaven.


But at least by the end of the week I was a bit more controlled, your spicy squash was lovely, although I ‘cheated’ heavily as I was only making it for one, so I used shop bought chilli sauce and added the ginger, lime juice etc. to that instead, it was still pretty good.


And then finally there was that pear salad, crisp and refreshing.


I have really enjoyed cooking from mainly the January pages of Kitchen Diaries I and II, I’m not normally much of a seasonal cook, although I know I should be but with your books I know that all I have to do is turn to the month I’m in and I’ll find food that just feels right.

Looking forward to cooking through the seasons with you.

Mrs. Lacer


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