The Twelve


The Twelve by Justin Cronin is the sequel to The Passage, a doorstopper of a book about a plague of vampires (aka ‘virals’ in this series) that is unleashed upon the United States. Again in The Twelve we witness parts of the story immediately after the release of the virals and nearly 100 years later when a few pockets of humanity cling on, surviving. I’ve seen some reviews of The Twelve, they’re not that complementary, particularly when reviewers compare it to The Passage but personally I think The Twelve is a little more consistent than The Passage is, the story set just after the initial infection has a direct relevance to some of the story set nearly a century later, so it’s doesn’t seem as disjointed. Having said that The Twelve is also incredibly lengthy, so that at one point when some characters reappeared I had to resort to checking on Wiki to remind myself again who was who.

**** (out of 5 stars)


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