#52 Holidays


A pictorial ‘list’ this week, all the places I remember going on holiday. Hmmm I look slightly more well travelled than I feel, although getting out of the continent of Europe a little more often would’ve been good.

Some holiday factoids:

  • First foreign holiday was around the age of 8 or so to Portugal, my parents reliving their child free youth of gallivanting round Portugal (amongst other places). Not that I really appreciated it at the time but my parents were pretty broke at the time and apparently could only afford the holiday thanks to some newspaper vouchers. 
  • Some of the places on the map I’ve been to far more than once; Wales in particular (sorry Wales, you’re a wonderful country but as a holiday destination, I’m sorry, I’m getting a little bored) but also Venice, but as far as I’m concerned about Venice you can never ever go too often there.
  • My dad had a penchant for small Spanish islands but we never went to mainland Spain (and I still haven’t).
  • Me and Mr. Lacer have been together for a very long time but I can count our number of foreign holidays together on the fingers of both hands and have quite a few fingers spare; Crete, Venice / Rome, Tunisia, New York, South of France, Paris x2.
  • The kids have only ever had three proper holidays (i.e. not staying at my dad’s) and they were a cold campsite in South Wales (just realised that one is not on the map), Disneyland Paris and a campsite with ‘interesting’ facilities in Cornwall.
  • Favourite holiday ever was and this actually feels a bit wrong to admit, as we were there during 9/11, was New York, there were a rough few days (and I know we had it a lot, lot, lot easier than a lot of other people in the city) but the city and the surrounding state just blew us away. We are still desperate to go back, we had hoped to with money left from the refurbishment, *she laughs hollowly*.

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