The last of the trio


I wrote recently about having bought three Clothkits skirts ages ago and how long it’s taken me to get round to sewing them. Well this is the last one and eek, it is so not that flattering! The design is by People Will Always Need Plates which I love, but on my body? Not so love. It’s entirely down to me or should I say my chocolate chomping, coke guzzling, carb loving self as I have never seen a skirt more unflattering to my tummy than this one. You can’t see it in the photo (because trust me I would not put that on the web) but if I were to be wearing a shorter top you’d see that the sky above the houses is green and that the sky starts just at the point where my tummy is, so a great big patch of green fabric, right on my tummy, on a skirt that’s predominately white, not a good look. And the skirt is not too good on my ample hips either, now normally skirts are perfect for hiding hip based imperfections, not this one, as the white houses go up the side on both hips and you can see every ‘curve’. And the skirt is just a little too short, although I quite like my legs, sometimes things are still too short. Basically the skirt sits way too high (about my belly button), if it sat more on my hips (like the majority of my clothing), it’d be a more acceptable length and there’d be more of a ‘swing’ to the skirt , hiding any curvage issues. I doubt I’m going to wear this skirt often, which is crying shame for any item of clothes I’ve spent good money on, even worse for something I’ve gone and made to. It’s just about ok if I stick to wearing a plain bright coloured long length top, as in the photo, so it will got worn, just not often. Now if I manage to loose some weight (which I do want to do, I’m just struggling with), the waistband would fall closer to my hips and then maybe . . .

What is really really annoying though is that when I saw the skirt uncut I thought the skirt would be a different shape, as I have to admit I do have two other clothkits skirts that rarely got worn as they’re too short* (plus the short Rob Ryan one – the first link in this paragraph – the black and white design doesn’t look as ‘crisp’ anymore due to too much washing) but I do have another clothkits skirt which I wear relatively frequently but that one I cut too big and I keep meaning to take it in. I don’t know if the too big clothkits skirt is more wearable as it’s bigger and therefore sits on my hips. (I also have another Clothkits skirt which I completely butchered and I need to fix the zip).

Girl Lacer asked me today did I like making skirts? Not so much right now. What I do like making is curtains (other than the hem, which needs doing when we move back home, I’ve managed to make a pair of curtains for the kids’ bedroom, I would have made some for the rest of the flat but readymade turned out cheaper) but back to the skirts ….. I have too much fabric, there I said it and a large proportion of the fabric was bought with the aim of making skirts (I also have some meterage earmarked for a couple of tops and one piece of fabric earmarked for a dress, I have quite a few large pieces of fabric which I can’t remember why I bought at all and I’m currently questioning my sanity for why I bought them^). And part of the ‘new streamlined me’ is to reduce my fabric collection so that all my large pieces will fit a large floor standing bag that will fit under my desk (scraps will be stored elsewhere). Currently I have the large bag, which I bought with me, filled with fabrics I thought I might use this month (and so far I’ve done not too bad on that, two skirts and a pair of curtains) but I also have two large boxes of fabric in storage, those have to get used or go. So my plan is, when we move back I’ll have to find somewhere to put my excess fabric but I have to use it, I have to have a work in progress on the go at all times, no more months between pieces and in six months time if I haven’t managed to get my large pieces of fabric down to that one (large) bag? I’ll have to find some way to give the excess away (I’ll probably donate it to the school). So, I’m going to be making a lot of skirts, I know I don’t have to make the thing I originally intended the fabric for but the pieces which I can still remember why I bought the fabric, the skirt (or whatever) I envisioned is still strong in my mind and I couldn’t not use it for that, even if I’m beginning to yearn to make some trousers. And besides, most of the fabric I have would make some pretty ugly trousers.

* I swear the models Clothkits use must be tiny, as the skirts always look longer on them and I’m not that tall!

^ I may make some patchwork duvet covers with this fabric, I’ve been thinking about that for sometime, duvet covers (or at least pretty ones) are very expensive, so to make my own would mean a lot of my excess fabric would be used up and it would go into something nice but practical. As you can see in the photo above (and may have noticed in many other photos on this blog) I currently have two very boring plain navy blue duvet covers (from Zara Home, the home of cheap plain duvet covers, shame the price difference between their plain covers and their patterned covers is so high) and a red checked duvet cover (which I do love, from the second home of cheap duvet covers, Ikea).


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