Another new skirt


The sewing is going at full steam (it is soooo nice to have a big table to work on, not for much longer though *sob* – no not really, well not the sob part anyway, ok this flat may have a nice big table and plenty of floor space but the light quality here is appalling, I do much more crafting here and I’ll start doing serious damage to my eye sight, who on earth invented uplighters? Why?), so here’s another new skirt, the majority of it cut out last week (does anyone else find that they can’t cut then sew on the same day? I just can’t, I have to have at least a day between cutting and sewing, I think because one of the things I really love about sewing is how I can take a pile of many bits of fabric and join them together to make one thing, I love that process and I guess that process isn’t so noticeable if it’s on the same day you’ve gone and cut the originally one piece of fabric into the many bits in the first place. I’m about to start venturing seriously into the realm of pattern drafting soon and I suspect that’ll be another process that needs at least a day in between, one day drafting, one day cutting, one day sewing*). Anyway this latest skirt uses Clothkits fabric but is not a Clothkits kit (although you can get this pattern as a kit). I cut the fabric so that it was a similar shape to the People Will Always Need Plates Clothkits skirt (before I realised that the skirt wasn’t that flattering, there’s a disadvantage to cutting more than one thing at once sometimes) however the design on this fabric is a lot lot more forgiving to bulges (although maybe not the top I’m wearing today and the tights I’m wearing today aren’t that much cop either, honestly if I’m going to keep making these very patterned skirts I’m going to have to invest in some more plain tops and plain tights). So I quite like this skirt, it is lined but it’s more of a summer skirt really, I can see me wearing this a lot (cue me buying a lot of plain, brightly coloured tank tops this summer).

One final note, apart from a Clothkits thing for Girl Lacer (which will get sewn soon), I’m now finally out of Clothkits stuff, so I move onto slightly more adventurous pastures, however I need to plan my route carefully, as I mentioned in my last post, I do have a lot of fabric where I know pretty much precisely what I want to do with it, however some of those skirts are a lot more ‘technical’ than the skirts I’ve been making recently, particularly as I’ll need to draft some of them, so as much as I have this lovely fabric waiting to be cut into, I need to find some of my not so favourite fabric first to make something a little more simpler (but at the same time more complex than these skirts) to work my way up.

*I have been however cutting more than one thing at once recently, hence why it looks like I have been a skirt making factory this week, the foundation of all this sewing was done last week.


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