#52 Things I’ve learnt from our temporary flat

  1. Size isn’t everything – ok so the temporary flat is twice as big as our actual flat, if it hasn’t got good storage, pah (and good storage is crucial in flats because chances are you ain’t got loft space – actually the first we owned did, omg that was soooo good).  The temporary flat has a really awful built in wardrobe in the main bedroom, with skinny* doors and is so dark inside you feel like you need a torch to find your clothes and the kitchen may be bigger but it’s badly designed (and it didn’t help that most of the rubbish storage space was filled with the landlord’s junk). Also the taps all leak and the washing machine is a museum piece.
  2. However when the kitchen is bigger I do cook more, even Mr. Lacer cooks more. I have eaten really well this month. Going back home our kitchen is still going to be small, it’s still going to be a galley kitchen but the gap between the units on either side will be bigger, so I hope it’ll make a difference.
  3. When I have a large table to cut fabric on I sew more, I’ve sewn more in the past month than I’ve probably sewn in the past year and I want / need to keep that momentum up. At home although we do have a ‘dining room’ table, it’s oval (as opposed to the rectangular one here) and spends most of the year folded in half against the wall, as we don’t have the floor space to pull it out anymore than once a year at Christmas. I regret that the table is oval, as the table here actually folds down quite small to, into a small square but I think we bought an oval table as we thought that it’d be easier to move around without the corners. We’re not going to get rid of the table, it’s one of our few pieces of ‘proper’ furniture (i.e. not from Ikea and therefore cost us a pretty penny and we’re therefore wedded to it for life). But when the table has curves and you’re trying to cut fabric, of course there’s always a bit of the pattern that goes over the edge (I know from experience). However in the whole spirit of ‘use what you got’ I think I’m going to try and keep the floor a bit clearer and cut fabric on the floor (which is a wooden, so should be ok) or I might go and ask the lady who runs the local craft workshop if I can hire some table space when it’s quiet, I know there’s a few craft workshops that do that now, as far as I know my local one doesn’t but it doesn’t hurt to suggest it, I wouldn’t sew up there, just cut.
  4. Large tables aren’t just for craft. I’ve really enjoyed having a table big enough so that all four of us could sit and eat breakfast or whatever at it, it’s a small act but a lovely way to start the day and I will miss that when we move back. With our curvy ‘dining room’ table, when folded half down against the wall, you can get three people on it, which is probably in a way a good thing as the fourth chair is in our bedroom being used as my desk chair (the third chair is also used as a desk chair, for Mr. Lacer’s desk but at least that’s in the same room as the ‘dining room’ table). ‘Ironically’ when we move back we will actually have space for four people to sit down and eat at once, just not in the same room, as we’ll have a breakfast bar for two in the kitchen, so two in there, two in the living room, I think on those occasions I’ll stick to eating off my lap on the sofa!
  5. Location, location, location, I had kinda assumed (when I was younger) that ‘old’ people (i.e anyone over the age of 35) don’t like living in the centre of town, I think I was probably basing this assumption on my dad but nope, I love living centrally, it’s going to be a real shock when the shops aren’t 5 minutes walk away (instead it’ll be a 30 minute walk, oh the strain). I could definitely see myself living somewhere centrally again.
  6. Large apartment complexes are quite nice – this temporary flat is full of windows and every window you look out of you see a large number of flats and houses overlooking you and you know what, I like it, there’s a really nice feeling of security. I can easily see why in particular single women would buy flats in places like this.
  7. Flats are actually ok. Our actual flat is too small (have I said that before 😉 ) which kind of makes me hanker after something bigger and naturally when you think of something bigger, property wise, you think of a house but you know what? Yes our actual flat is too small but if we were to buy a flat this size + 1 extra bedroom (as when we do eventually move it’ll have to be to a three bed place) I will be perfectly happy.
  8. Uplighters suck

* Says she who may be buying a wardrobe with skinny doors in the next few weeks, we’re rearranging our bedroom when we get back home, Mr. Lacer has been pouring over plans for weeks and the only issue with thr new arrangement (which looks much roomier) is that we might not be able to open our current wardrobe doors, hence the need for a three door ‘skinny’ door wardrobe instead, as the door width will be less. At the moment though we’re hoping a) our current wardrobe survives the move, it’s an Ikea wardrobe, the movers had to dismantle it and we know from experience that Ikea wardrobes don’t respond well to being dismantled, they might not necessarily go back up b) if the wardrobe does survive, we’re going to try the ‘doorless’ look, hmmm I see a skinny door wardrobe on the horizon.


2 thoughts on “#52 Things I’ve learnt from our temporary flat

  1. For cutting out on an oval table could invest in a piece of mdf (not too thick so not heavy but more rigid than hardboard) to lay over table. store under the bed or at the back of wardrobe.. For skinny doors – have you considered sliding doors that require no “out” space or replace the doors with a roller blind that hides the clothes and keeps them dust free

    1. That’s a good idea with the mdf, I did used to have (or might still have, funny I didn’t see it when I packed ….) a large thick piece of cardboard printed with a grid for cutting out on. I didn’t use it that often, cutting on cardboard the surface felt ‘funny’ and it was so big I could only ever lay it out of the bed, so I still had the squishyness of the bed underneath. I have fond memories of several large art boards my mum used to have which also would have done the trick, but unfortunately I checked with my dad a while ago and he’d gotten rid of them.

      We’ve investigated getting a sliding door attachment for our current wardrobe (as being Ikea you can normally get add ons) but unfortunately not for the particular type we’ve got this time. We have been thinking of a curtain though, the plan would have been for me to make a curtain to match the handmade curtains in that room if I had made that bedroom’s curtains but as it worked out in the end that shop bought was cheaper I haven’t, however I still might see if I can find fabric to match.

      I’ve been thinking more over lunch (another nice salad from Polpo) about other things I’ve learnt from this flat, so have edited this to add two more, points 4 and 7!

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