#52 #FF

For those that don’t use Twitter #FF means Follow Friday, to be honest less and less people seem to be doing Follow Fridays these days, in fact haven’t seen anyone do it for a while . . . . but as I’m sitting here waiting for the contents of my video camera to download and I realise I haven’t done a #52 list this week, here are my top people to follow on Twitter (and if you’re not on Twitter I highly recommend it, I personally think it’s far better than Facebook, which I only really use for work, I found Facebook too diversified from its original intent, too many games and way too many ads, in a way I think there is too much information on Facebook whereas Twitter, the 140 character limit makes it easier to skim each tweet and you can concentrate on the stuff you really want to concentrate on*).

(Following list is in no particular order and is just me scrolling through my following list backwards)

  • Wil Wheaton @wilw – Mr. Lacer got me into Wil, I will still not deliberately watch Tabletop (which the rest of the family adore) but I think it’s funny if I do catch it and I like Wil’s tweets about his cats and dogs.
  • Tom Daley @TomDaley1994 – ok, ok, he’s less than half my age, but sigh, those swimming trunks. I actually follow a number of London 2012 athletes and Tom is probably one of the more interactive ones.
  • Nigel Slater @realnigelslater – although he’s not as enthusiastic as he originally was when he first joined twitter a little while ago, he tweets gorgeous pictures from his garden.
  • Larry the Cat @Number10cat – a spoof (of course) account from the Number 10 cat, can be scathingly funny, particularly about Nick Clegg.
  • Nigella Lawson @Nigella_Lawson – warning, following this account makes you hungry.
  • Alastair Campbell @campbellclaret – brilliant comments on the current government plus great campaigning on mental health issues.
  • Neil Gaiman @neilhimself – follow him even if you don’t like his books (why? why? why?), as this is a man with one interesting life and he tweets some great links.

There you go, from that list I’m obviously a left leaning foodie with a thing for cats^, fantasy novelists and ahem divers˜.

* I can’t remember where I read this but I read an article once where the writer was talking about how when Twitter first became popular its 140 character limit was a bad sign because it was encouraging people to read less, whereas it actually turned out Twitter encouraged people to read more, as so many tweets contain links to articles and sites that if the tweet interests you, you then go on to read.

^If I ever show the kids anything on twitter their first response is “Is it a cat picture?”, yes the twitter sterotype is true and I am a little predictable.

˜ Sorry, no craft accounts, lots of crafty people do use Twitter and I follow a number of them but more as friends than for the craft content, I think maybe the craft community is more active on blogs, so I follow my crafty favourites that way instead.



One thought on “#52 #FF

  1. I agree with your FF for Nigel…I need my regular fixes !

    I never really got my head round follow friday, we don’t have access to twitter at work and by the time I got back home in the evening everyone had already done their FF’s and I always felt a bit guilty if someone had FF’d me and I’d been unable to recipricate during the day !

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