#52 Dream job requirements

  • Project based, so that there’s the satisfaction of seeing something through from the start to the finish. Also being able to move from project to project (as long as there’s the reasonable security of knowing that there are more projects in the pipeline) would mean that you’re always moving on to something new, fresh and interesting. And if work gets hectic towards the end of a project you know that it’s only for a finite time and chances are there will be a bit of a (not too big hopefully) lull before the start of the next project.
  • Working with a team of like minded people but with opportunities to work individually.
  • Working towards something with a purpose, the purpose could be anything from something charitable to a product or service that makes a difference in other people’s lives.
  • Being able to be creative.
  • Being able to talk to the ‘customer’.
  • Being in at least reasonable control of my working hours, with enough flexibility for my family.
  • Opportunity to progress.

I’ve been thinking about my dream job requirements recently, not that I’m not satisfied with my current job, actually my current job to at least some extent fulfils all seven of those points above (so I’m very lucky) but I’m beginning to think, as much as I was desperate to go down from two part time jobs to one part time job last year (which I managed), I need to go back to two part time jobs again, it’s the way how the job market is going I think, specially if you’re trying to fit in childcare. I know my old other part time job didn’t really meet most of those criteria above, which is probably why I was so desperate to leave it.

2013, the year to make some changes …..

(and you know, I think the boss in my second job may be me)


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