Getting the bathroom done was nowhere near as a massive change as getting the kitchen (or the patio) done but it needed doing nonetheless as to be honest the bathroom suite looked like it could possibly have been original (or at least bits of it) and the flat is 77 years old. I may be a big fan of original features but there gets to a point where you just can’t properly clean an ancient bath tub.

Anyway, *drum roll*, the before photo.


And now the after photos.



It looks bigger doesn’t it? It’s not until I looked at the before picture, as I found it in my photostream did I realise how awful that bathroom looked without colour before. The eagle eyed amongst you (who’ve read my kitchen post) will notice that the paint colour is the same as my kitchen, it was a last minute decision, I had originally planned for it to be white again, so glad I went for that, I think fresh green and white go so well together. The eagle eyed amongst you may also notice that the wall and floor tiles are also the same as what we used in the kitchen, as the flat is so small and as the kitchen and bathroom are next to each other, I thought we might as well go for some unity. The eagle eyed amongst you may also noticed that the wall tiles in the before and after photos are the same, well at least the same type of tiles, not the actual tiles, as it was decided that they couldn’t work round the pre-existing tiles without it looking really obvious which ones were the old tiles and which ones were the new ones, but I loved those tiles so much (yes, I know those white rectangle tiles are everywhere at the moment, I’ve effectively guaranteed that the kitchen and bathroom will look so dated in about 10 years, as everyone will be going “oh those white rectangle tiles, so 2013” but I don’t care (as we’ll have sold way before that) and anyway, we put the first lot of white rectangle tiles up a good few years ago, so we were at least ahead of the wave then 😉 I say ‘we’ put the first lot of tiles up, ok, ok, Mr. Lacer put the tiles up, he is actually a really good handy man (although a very reluctant one who requires a lot of nagging, as he’d much rather be on his computer) but you can see the difference in the finish between DIY tiling and builder tiling.

What I really like about our new bathroom is no visible pipes, it’s lovely!

Bathroom suite from Bathstore (second time we’ve used them, as we also installed a Bathstore suite in our first flat, we really didn’t think we’d use them again second time round as we were conscious of the budget, so were looking at places like Wickes and Homebase but couldn’t find anything we liked)

Floor and wall tiles from Topps Tiles

Paint colour matched to a famous considerably more expensive brand

Accessories (except for bathroom cabinet, which was a cheap one from Amazon which the builders hated putting up) from John Lewis

Also (not in shot) is a chrome towel rail which replaced our old radiator (when we were still in the builder courtship stage and costs were spiralling up instead of down, I through a very minor hissy fit and agreed to the increased costs but on the proviso we dropped the planned towel rail. The project manager, was all “ok, we’ll drop the towel rail but I’ll see if we can juggle things to get the towel rail back in because towel rails really make bathrooms”, anyway he juggled things and I specified a Wickes towel rail. But it seems the biggest way to ‘offend’ a builder’s artistic sensibilities or at least our builders’ artistic sensibilities, is to suggest they install something from Wickes (cheap bathroom cabinets from Amazon seem to come in a close second, man hole covers a third), so we ended up with one, from I still don’t know where, that was £25 more expensive but was a lot more powerful and you know what, they were right, towel rails make bathrooms.)

We also had an extractor fan installed on the recommendation of a damp company.

Plus (not that you can see it) our floorboards and joists completely replaced, so now I can bathe in comfort, safe in the knowledge that the bath is not going to fall through the floor.

Oh and the other big difference is that we’re no longer hanging up wet clothes to dry in the bathroom, it looked horrible, you’d go in our old bathroom and most of the time it looked like a Chinese laundry and the clothes always took ages to dry (and probably didn’t help with the mould problem). We’ve bought a floor standing airer and have found space in our bedroom (just about) for it near the bedroom window and radiator, so consequently the drying clothes are less visible and they dry quicker!


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