I went on a bit of a young adult binge in iBooks a while back when they had a promotion on, one of them was Seraphina which pretty much sold me on just the cover alone (seems I’m a sucker for book covers even when they’re ebooks).

Anyway Seraphina is a fantasy set in a prince / princess / castle type land where humans and dragons coexist in an uneasy truce. An interesting twist gives dragons the ability to take human form. Seraphina is a new music mistress at the castle, with an ‘interesting past’, when a prince is murdered and a dragon is suspected, she teams up with another prince to investigate.

Compared to a lot of current young adult stuff, Seraphina is surprisingly ‘gentle’, except for one, pretty graphic scene which was quite shocking in its contrasting grittiness. I found the story initially a little difficult to get into, as it didn’t really grip me at first (too gentle I think for my tastes) but I grew to really like the main characters and the world the author had created for them was certainly unique. I particularly liked the visualisation of Seraphina’s inner mind.

Definitely set up to be the first part of a series, I’m pretty certain I’ll be reading to see what happens next.

**** (out of 5 stars)


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