Choc-toffee cupcakes

Chocolate toffee cakes

I know, I said yesterday that I was trying to diet but it is a school cake sale day and that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it, we’ll just ignore I made 12 extra just for us and I’ve already eaten two ‘just to check they’re all right’. Anyway, they are all right, they’re from Girl Lacer’s (she’s pinches my stuff, I pinch her stuff, it’s getting to that stage) Great British Bake Off: Learn to Bake book and they’re an all in one mix with a Rolo in the middle. The Rolos seem to have sunk a little, leaving a sticky mess on the bottom of the cake wrapper, at least on the two I’ve eaten but they’re fine, not too chocolatey either, not that that should matter as I’ve mainly baked these for children to eat (either ones at school or for my two) and in my experience they’d happily eat the most chocolatey-ist chocolate cake with chocolate sauce and chocolate shavings on top and still want more but Mr. Lacer (who’ll be wanting some to) doesn’t like his chocolate cake too chocolate-y so they’ll be fine for him to.


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