Battersea Park

Battersea Park


I finally got round to taking a parcel that I’ve needed to send off for ages to the DHL office today, one of the reasons why it took me so long to send it was because the nearest place I could go to send it off was in Lambeth, which is a bit much for what really should come under the category ‘quick errand’. So I had to combine it with something and the nearest thing was Battersea Park, so I went to Battersea Park and …. it …. was …. freezing, which is not exactly that much of a surprise as pretty much the whole of March has been the same (another reason why I delayed dragging myself out to Lambeth). Still, good to get out of my own small little world every now and then and the only time I’d previously been to Battersea Park was during the Jubilee when it was raining, extremely overcrowded and my right arm was in a sling, so it made a nice contrast.


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