Making cookbooks earn a place on the shelf: Bill Granger’s Easy

I hadn’t forgotten my vow to prune down my cookbook selection and I have been cooking from Bill Granger’s Easy, a relatively new addition to my library, cooked from originally last Autumn (christ, between now and then has been so busy, last Autumn feels a life time away). Anyway, it was nice revisiting recipes I’d cooked last time, kinda vowed that I’d make again and never did, the recipes were roasted sausage with peppers and onion (again yum and as I was using vegetarian sausages, fitted perfectly with the diet I’m trying to partake in right now) and the cheesy pasta bake thing (again yum and which so didn’t fit into the diet but at least on the bright side was not as cheesy as say a Nigella macaroni bake would be).

I also made the light butter chicken curry thing, which I hadn’t made last time and which did fit into my diet (note the lack of carbs in the photo, sigh).


This was quite nice, although eating it I couldn’t help think for some reason that it’d be nicer as a sandwich filling with some nice crisp iceburg lettuce.

So, to the charity shop? No. This book doesn’t totally rock my world, as I wrote in my original review of the book, I think I prefer Bill’s earlier stuff but there’s a good handful of recipes in there that just so work, it would be a crime to my palate to get rid of them.

Original reviews

Taking it Easy with Bill Granger- week 1

Bill Granger’s Easy – the summary


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