Easter Boxes

Easter boxes

My kids eat too much chocolate at Easter and it never makes me particularly happy, after all I spend all year trying to make sure they don’t eat their body weight in the stuff and then twice a year (Christmas is also bad), I’m meant to give them free reign? Anyway, I know I can’t win on that one but this year I thought I’d tone down the amount of chocolate they were getting from us (grandparents are a law onto themselves). This decision came at a point anyway where I had to switch what sort of Easter eggs I was getting them, they’re too old for the little kiddy ones and I’m certainly not getting them full size ‘adult’ eggs, you know the sort of branded ones for Dairy Milk, Maltesers or whatever, as I definitely don’t like them eating what I term ‘grown up’ chocolate, as the portion sizes are too big (actually Maltesers aren’t that bad*, if they’re shared ….). So, anyway this year I got their chocolate from Marks and Spencer, it’s less obviously branded, has some nicely designed packaging and comes in a range of sizes, so I could buy smaller eggs. So I bought a small hen egg each, a tube of Jelly beans (after I succumbed to temptation in the queue in Smiths, WH Smith are getting increasingly annoying with their peddling of sweets and god knows what at the check out) and taking inspiration from Angry Chicken, I bought a few bags of various small chocolate eggs plus two little mini bunnies from M&S and made some ‘candy terrariums’.

Candy terraniums
Really I could have done with some bigger containers than the Kilner jars I used, as you can’t really see the rabbits in the middle but I liked how they kept the chocolate safe from the elements and I thought the kids would like a jar each of their own, as sometimes we have a family jar of sweets up on the shelf. I also thought it would encourage them to make the chocolate last longer. (I’m grabbing the jars back off them when they’ve finished with them).

To distinguish between jars I made a couple of embroidered tags, a vintage pattern for Boy Lacer and a free pattern from Lilipopo for Girl Lacer. They were embroidered on felt, I’m really pleased with how Boy Lacer’s turned out.

Vintage bunny rabbit

But no so much with Girl Lacer’s, I should have used white felt again but ran out.

Lilipopo pattern

The light’s also bad in these photos, I predict light is only going to be good some time in mid April (I hope).

Also in the boxes are a small present each; Girl Lacer was easy, a bubble writing book, she is obsessed with that at the moment, so should love it. Boy Lacer was harder, he’s always hard, as to be honest he’s not really happy with anything unless it’s electrical, but as he sometimes likes building thing in real life as well as on screen, I took a chance on some art straws, ah well if anything Girl Lacer will get her hands on them in 6 months time.

And finally I made them a softie each, well aware as I was working on them that a) I hadn’t made softies in a long time (the number of rookie mistakes I made with these!) and b) my kids really are getting too old, but it’s the thought that counts and I’m going to make the most of every last available opportunity to do things like that for them whilst there’s still a chance they might appreciate it. Unfortunately of my generation, in my immediate family, there aren’t many kids and certainly no babies anymore (actually there is one but I don’t really see the parents that much, if at all), so my small children crafting opportunities are non existant, will have to twiddle my thumbs for twenty odd years till I’m a grandma 😉 Anyway, the rabbit bodies were from an Aranzi Aranzo book but I changed the eyes and added the tummy detail.

Easter bunnies

(sneak peak of my new garden)

The rabbits were heavily inspired by my absolute Twitter favourite @MYSADCAT  , a cat with the most soulful, staring eyes.

*I read once, an interview with some master chocolatier and he said that of all the main stream branded chocolate, in his opinion Maltesers were the nicest, most ‘proper’ chocolate sweet, I could always see what he meant.


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