Coloured flowers

Coloured flowers

Another Urban Threads pattern. For those that don’t know Urban Threads (probably not that many crafters in that category), I would say that Urban Threads are primarily a machine embroidery company but they do offer most of their patterns for hand embroidery to. Obviously it can sometimes be a little difficult to directly translate a machine embroidery design to hand embroidery, so they just offer the hand embroidery designs as line drawings, whereas with the machine embroidery patterns you’ve obviously got colour and everything. With this pattern, the machine embroidery design had the flowers (which were stitched in black, like mine) with a sort of water colour style, painted, incomplete fill, I thought I’d try and replicate that, in my own way, with a spot of applique. I quite like how it turned out (although again it’s quite difficult to really tighten the fabric across the frame when I mount it, think I did a bit of a better job than last time though), however this is me being sort of experimental and although I’m glad I did it (being itching to try this design for sometime) it’s not actually really my personal taste ….

Coloured flowers close up

Coloured flowers close up


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