Guitar Girl

Guitar girl

I wrote a little while ago that I had lost my embroidery mojo, it did come back (this is the third piece I’ve stitched since then) but it came back laden with conditions, the foremost one being that the embroidery I was doing had to, in some way or another, stretch my skills, the first piece (the florophone) was about using colours I have a tendency to feel uncomfortable with, the second piece (the coloured flowers) was about using applique in a different way and so is this piece. All three pieces have also been about me practicing my mounting skills and they’re still not that good, the floor’s crooked on this one and it’s completely and utterly screaming at me, trust me, it wasn’t crooked before I mounted it 😦 Also believe it or not but the guitar and the boots are meant to be colour tinted, the colour faded really quickly on this one. But ignore my whinging, this was a brilliant pattern to work with, by Lucky Jackson, whereas florophone and the coloured flowers weren’t quite my style, this one definitely is and I definitely plan to stitch some more of Lucky’s patterns, it’s inspiring me to have ago at stitching up some of my own Lucky Jackson style patterns to.

And PS, I so want that red dress

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