Garibaldi biscuits


Our refurbishment earlier this year did not agree with our oven, since moving back in I’ve literally now lost count how many times it’s broken down and we’ve had to call the engineers out, only for them to get it working long enough for me to use it for a day (for example the day I cooked the hot cross buns) and then for it be as dead as a dodo again when I tried to turn it on the next day. So far since the latest engineer visit it has been working for two days, I still feel like I’m dicing with baking jeopardy every time I switch the thing on though and the pessimist in me is absolutely convinced it’s going to break again, so I thought I’d better bake whilst I could (we also have a small microwave – combi oven which I’ve been using, but it’s not brilliant at baking, I’ve tried).

So I made Garibaldi biscuits from the Peyton and Byrne book. Garibaldi biscuits are very much a biscuit from my childhood, in the same way my kids are probably going to get fond memories of plain Hob Nobs, I’d never tried homemade Garibaldi biscuits before so I was interested to give them a go. Well, the dough was tricky to handle and needed at least twice as much milk as the recipe suggested for the dough to stick together and even then the dough was definitely not ‘firm’ as the recipe suggested, hence the biscuits rather shoddy appearance. I also used a dried fruit mix instead of just currants as that’s what I had in the cupboard (from the aforementioned hot cross buns). However, even with all that they were pretty delicious, so much so I’ve just eaten way too many of them, oops, and not at all like the shop bought biscuits of my youth.


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