I’d run out of audiobooks so I had to resort to listening to Girl Lacer’s; Magyk by Angie Sage therefore wasn’t completely my cup of tea, I do like some books for that age group but a lot of them, well I’m 30 years older than the target audience, the authors quite rightly aren’t writing for me. So, I found the beginning of Magyk a little boring, set in a land of witches and wizards, it tells the story of the Heap family, a boisterously large family of wizards, whose daughter isn’t quite what she seems, there’s an evil necromancer, a young boy soldier, the head wizard and an ex head wizard (now a ghost) thrown in to and that is what, in the end, made the story enjoyable for me, I may have not been totally enthralled by the plot but the large cast were so nice I cared about what happened to them anyway.

Girl Lacer claims to have listened to this (I’m not totally convinced) and she said she ‘liked it’ when I was discussing it with her and said I found it a bit boring at the beginning but she hasn’t seemed desperate to read the next book in the series.

*** (out of 5)


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