Poppy Treffry inspired washbag

Poppy Treffry inspired wash bag

I got this pattern from the Love Embroidery magazine, which is one of those craft bookazine type things, it’s meant to be machine freehand embroidery but I don’t have a darning foot for my machine and was a little daunted about getting the right one (I have a Janome machine and there seems to be two different darning feet, depending on what type of Janome you have and I wasn’t completely sure, but I think I’ve figured it out now, so I definitely want to try some machine freehand embroidery in the future). But for now this was hand embroidered. I made a mistake with the pattern and should have continued the bottle tops and the toothbrush head over the top of the applique and I made a mistake putting the bag together, hence the ribbon at the bottom hiding my mistake. But overall I’m pretty pleased with the bag. I’ve made plenty of drawstring bags in my time but none using this particular construction method and I think it’s pretty cool.

(You can also get the same pattern, apparently, in Poppy Treffry’s book Freehand Machine Embroidery)


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