The Rosie Project

the rosie project

I took a chance on The Rosie Project, it looked a little bit (and sorry, I know this can be a derogatory term) ‘chick-lit’, even though it was written by a bloke, but I am so glad I took that chance because I fell head over heels in book love within about a minute of starting the audiobook and it did not disappoint (other than a minor niggle) throughout the whole story.

The Rosie Project is about Don, an Australian genetics professor who has undiagnosed Aspergers, he doesn’t see that he has Aspergers, despite giving a lecture on it early on in the story, but he does admit that ‘he’s wired differently’. He has trouble relating to women, so he decides to start The Wife Project, to find a partner, he does this by creating a lengthy questionnaire so that he can eliminate any potential partners who have traits that annoy him; such a smoking or being fussy about ice cream. Whilst in the middle of his wife project, Rosie walks into Don’s office, at first he thinks she’s a candiate for The Wife Project and they go out to dinner with hilarious consequences and despite Don realising pretty quickly that Rosie is totally unsuitable, he has the time of his life. It turns out though that Rosie is there to find out who her real father is, Don agrees to help and so begins The Father Project.

The Rosie Project is sweetly (but not sickly) romantic, it’s uplifting, poignant and a little sad, everybody deserves to find love, but for some it is trickier than for others. People with ASD vary as widely as ‘normal’ people but I saw a little of Boy Lacer in Don, particularly with both being the class clown, it is obviously a long time before Boy Lacer starts on a wife project of his own but I hope that this book will still be around by then, even though Boy Lacer may find it a little ‘girly’, it may give him some hints!

***** (out of 5)

(And the niggle? Due to my background I guessed the plot twist pretty much straight away and I would have thought Don would have also have seen this pretty early on in the book due to his background to but you know how it goes, if he had, it’d have been a pretty short book!)

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