Proto-blogger goes to France

french pics

Photos by Girl Lacer

It seems like yesterday I was on here writing about how Girl Lacer’s playgroup had closed unexpectedly and what on earth was I going to  do with her, for what turned out to be a very long summer and now she’s jetting off to France, without us! Even paid for most of the trip herself to. She was away from early Friday morning to Sunday evening and the first thing we did when she got back was look at her photos and I was a bit surprised at what she’d taken photos of or maybe I should be not that surprised, considering she’s grown up with a mum with a habit of taking photos of her food and concentrates on taking photos of odd details when we’re out.

Girl Lacer went to a reproduction oldy – worldy French village, Avingcourt, a French market, a chocolate factory and an aquarium, I particularly liked her market photos, she took the photo of the fabric (top right) apparently as she thought I’d like it, awwwww.


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