View On The Way Down


The View On The Way Down by Rebecca Wait is one rather depressing book, telling the story of a family torn apart by the death of the eldest son, Kit. The youngest son Jamie has cut all ties and is now hiding in Sheffield whilst the baby of the family Emma, is being bullied at school. The mother, Rose is desperately unhappy and seeking solace in creating an artificially happy family home, whilst the dad Joe hides out in the shed.

The book shows a very in depth portrayal of depression and the effect it has on families. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone looking for a relaxing read however this book is important as we need more stuff like this in the media to show exactly what depression is. A key part of the book occurs because the family don’t understand / have misconceptions around depression and that’s because it is so often hidden away. However I would say, if you yourself are in a fragile state of mind, don’t read it but if you have a friend / family member in that situation, do.

*** (out of 5)


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