Saxifraga rood

Not the best of photos, as I’ve temporarily misplaced by camera card and had to use my phone for this but I think I’ve caught some of what makes Saxifraga my current favourite plant. I have two little pots of it sitting on my garden table and, as the weather is so nice at the moment, when I sit outside to eat, I love admiring it. There’s something very pub garden-y about my garden now, in a nice way mind you, our garden furniture, a large, long table and two long benches are probably big influencers of this effect but as the light bounces off my newly painted white walls and my pale stone patio, the light almost blinds you (we have yet to get round to getting a sun shade, although we’ll have to soon, when we bought this place the old owner, a Russian lady, waxed very lyrically about what a sun trap the garden was, I guess if you grew up in a presumably cold part of Russia, my sun trap back garden is very nice, to most people though it does have a tendency to have you running back in doors in the height of summer as it’s blindingly hot). The light instantly makes me sleepy (not a hard effect to induce on me mind you) and I love sitting out there in the glare, makes me just long for a bottle of beer to complete the effect at the same time. Maybe the very cold and very long winter we’ve just come out of, is making me get a little what the Russian ex-owner used to think. I’m sure I’ve sat in plenty of pub gardens with little pots of Saxifraga on the tables to, I’m pretty sure that’s why I bought it, ahh the associative effect of plant buying and alcohol.

Anyway back properly to the Saxifraga, I noticed today, when out eating lunch and admiring it as usual, that some of the flowers were literally glinting gold, I had to go and examine the flowers more closely. The gold light was coming from the shiny, light green ring around the centre of the flower (and you’d think I’d know what that was, considering I’ve got a degree in Biology n’all). And I love how some of the flowers are dark purple, whereas others, like the two in the photo, look as if the petals have been dusted in icing sugar.

Here’s to a long hot summer, but with some rain, my allotment soil is already rock hard.


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