IncrEdibles at Kew

IncrEdibles has just launched at Kew, so I dragged the family away from their screens and got us some fresh air.

Prince Charles Conservatory - Kew

It was quite good, as the IncrEdibles stuff was spread out a bit, it got us into areas we’d never been before, despite going to Kew umpteen times. I’d never walked behind the Prince Charles Conservatory (above) before, I think I had noticed the signs saying ‘Rock Gardens’ and what always sprung to mind was the type of rock gardens my dad did when I was a kid, umm, turned out a bit different.

Rock Gardens -Kew

It was particularly nice as we got there early to try and beat the Bank Holiday rush, so we got this area pretty much to ourselves, to be honest I have a feeling this area isn’t that popular anyway, as it’s a bit out of the way but it turns out to be definitely not worth missing.

We had to head through the rock gardens to go and find the vegetable patches, they were certainly a lot more organised than mine but it gave me an idea about how to do my salad beds. We also also spotted a lovely Bonsai greenhouse on the way.

Bonsai - Kew

Vegetable patch - Kew

One of the reasons we’d got there early was because we had tickets to go boating, part of the IncrEdibles event (they don’t normally have boating in Kew), you got half an hour on a row boat and a chance to row under a giant, fragrant smelling pineapple. We had booked for all four of us to go on but Boy Lacer throw a wobbly, even though we had convinced him to go on the boat, he absolutely did not want to row through the tunnel under the pineapple, so just Mr. Lacer and Girl Lacer went. Turns out the tunnel wasn’t that exciting (and certainly not scary as Boy Lacer thought it would be), just some lights aided by some funny glasses but it certainly looked a challenge trying to line the boat up to get into the tunnel (wind).

Boating - Kew

Whilst Mr. Lacer and Girl Lacer finished their boating; me and Boy Lacer went to explore the Palm House and a first for me, I actually got to climb the stairs to have a go on the walk way, normally on family visits I’m the one guarding the pushchair or keeping a reluctant Boy Lacer company, but I persuaded him this time, although he didn’t like it much, as it’s even hotter up on the walk way and I think he thought he was getting too dangerously close to the hissing steam he didn’t like. So it was a flying visit but I managed to get to read a few of the plant labels, it was fun to see the plants from which we get cola and chocolate, nice to see my vices at their source.

Palm House - Kew

Outside the Palm House was a very long table with trees growing out of it and not just trees at that. They had taken the idea of a tea party and instead of the dishes you would expect, they had the plants from which they came from. I loved this, I think it was my favourite part of IncrEdibles.

Table - Kew

Then it was the standard trip to the playground, with a tiring Boy Lacer who suddenly managed to find more than enough energy to play but then he was dragged off to see some bluebells (I was determined to see at least some, knowing that the main bluebell glades were still apparently flowering, what with the late Spring) on the way home.

Bluebells - Kew


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