Trip to Cutty Sark

trip to Greenwich

We took a trip to Cutty Sark today, taking the Thames Clipper from Central London to Greenwich, I still get a kick of having boats as part of TFL, one of the benefits of getting old I guess, the lists of things you remember as being ‘new’ because you equally remember when they were not there, grows. Although I’ve taken the Clipper before, I’ve never been out of Central London on it and it goes satisfyingly fast once out of the city.

Shame about the weather though, after getting sunburnt in Kew on Monday (I need to give myself lines, ‘I must remember I am more sun sensitive than the rest of the family, I must remember I am more sun sensitive than the rest of the family), the weather was extremely grey today (was yesterday to). Look at the picture of The Shard (bottom left above), it looks like something out of Mordor in this weather.


Before heading to Cutty Sark we popped into Greenwich Market, excuse the fact that the photo is in black and white, got a bit fed up editing photos that were pretty grey anyway, so I got playing with my filters. Greenwich Market has some interesting looking stuff (in both the stalls and the little shops around it), the food looks good to, but I was with my dad and the kids and although it was my dad who’d dragged us in there, my idea of interesting is quite different to his idea of interesting (and my kids idea of interesting is definitely not Greenwich Market) and besides I’m broke (and still remembering that lesson I learned at the beginning of the year about bringing anything new in the flat), so I didn’t look seriously.

Cutty sark

Now I used to live pretty close to Greenwich and even before that Greenwich was a regular destination on family trips down to London, so I must have been in the Cutty Sark at some point, but all I remember is walking past it. But no matter, the Cutty Sark, after it’s recent restoration is now pretty different. For those that are unfamiliar with London ship landmarks, the Cutty Sark is an old tea clipper and last year they finished its restoration (which had been hampered by a nasty fire in 2007), covering over it’s dry dock and fancying up the insides. It was good to tick the Cutty Sark off my ‘to see’ list and although I’m not too sure about the outside appearance of the new covered dock (it sort of swamps the ship a bit), inside it’s pretty spectacular and it’s great to walk underneath the ship.

PS One to remember for the future, whilst walking past the South Bank on the way to the boat, they were obviously preparing for something big, I only had time for some quick snaps from the bridge (hence me using my phone) but whatever it is, I’ve got to go back and see this.



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