Sewing in public


Working on a Suffolk Puff quilt – the quilts at home but I sometimes take a tin of precut circles out with me, but most of the time it’s embroidery or cross stitch

Mr X Stitch aka Jamie Chalmers has an interesting column in this month’s Crafty Magazine about embroidering in public, Jamie travels a lot and takes his cross stitch with him and apparently he gets some weird looks, I totally get that. I don’t travel that much, although if I did I’d be taking my embroidery along to but what I do do is spend a lot of time outside dance classes and in the summer a lot of time in playgrounds and I do have moments where I spend a lot of time in hospital waiting rooms and I take my embroidery along then. I’ve even survived a 5 week long, extremely boring workshop series by embroidering my way through that to (if I hadn’t done that I would have doodled on every single scrap of paper I could have found, then started doodling on my self and then, when I ran out of skin, started climbing the walls, embroidery = sanity saver).

I think most people are used to me doing it now, particularly outside the dance classes but it is a conversation trigger ranging from fascinated little kids, to older girls who think it looks cool, to old women who tell me “oh I remember when my mother used to do that” aka I’m a throw back to the first half of the 20th century (I get that particular comment a lo). It’s surprising to how many people don’t know what I’m doing is called, particularly when I’m doing embroidery, I thought everyone knew what embroidery was, obviously not, it often gets referred to as ‘cross stitch’ and more than once knitting. I feel like I need a t shirt with ‘it’s called embroidery’, embroidered on of course.


6 thoughts on “Sewing in public

  1. I have just got back from taking my daughter to her swimming lesson. We travelled by bus. I embroidered both there and back, and whilst she was swimming. It’s a great use of time, and extremely satisfying.

  2. You should make that t shirt and sell them. I want one that says “its called reading”.
    It’s funny how you get weird looks for doing something harmless like sewing in public, but no one thinks its weird to have smoke coming out of your nose and mouth that stinks and can give people cancer.

    1. Lol that’d be a good idea! Actually in London reading in public is ok, we do it a lot on public transport so we don’t have to look at each other, even more popular now with the rise of ereaders. Although in other parts of the UK, like where my dad lives in Wales, I can imagine reading in public would be considered quite odd.

      Thanks for the reblog!

      1. You’re welcome.
        Since your dad lives in Wales, does he make Bara Brith the bread? I’ve been trying to make it but don’t know if mine is turning out correctly.

      2. Unfortunately the only thing my dad is good at cooking is overcooked vegetables. Good luck with the Bara Brith!

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