Girl Lacer’s maths homework


Girl Lacer is doing measurement in her maths class at the moment, which is a bit easy I think for 9 year olds in the top maths set I think but I guess if it’s on the curriculum, it’s on the curriculum. Apparently Girl Lacer’s last group maths class in school involved the maths teacher standing in the school garden with a hose and the class with multiple measuring containers. Anyway for homework Girl Lacer had to either cook something or practice measuring volumes in various waterproof containers around the house, she opted to cook something, with me taking photos every time she weighed or measured something. She chose to make the Easy Chocolate Macarons from the Great British Bake Off Learn to Bake book. Making the Macarons was easy enough, specially with my food mixer now (my food mixer is nearly a year old now but it still makes me smile using it, there’s a whole array of dishes I wouldn’t have attempted without it). However the mixture looked thicker than it did in the photos in the book, I think possibly because the ground almonds I got from Sainsburys weren’t particularly ground in my opinion, I’m sure Waitrose ground almonds are a finer texture. So it was quite hard to shape the mixture. Then when it came to making the ganache, again I think choice of ingredients came back to bite me, the filling was a white chocolate ganache and I vaguely recall having problems with buying cheap white chocolate before for cooking and it not working out well, so I skipped the own brand stuff and opted for some Lindt, as it was slightly cheaper than the Green & Blacks my instinct was crying out for me to get. Well the Lindt had a softer, creamy interior, ie it wasn’t solid chocolate and I think that stopped the ganache from thickening up, should have gone for that Green & Blacks! But overall, to quote Girl Lacer on what Paul Hollywood would say “He wouldn’t like what they looked like but he’d say they tasted nice”, true.


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