Happy Birthday Mr. Lacer


Not the most successful birthday cake I have ever made, I blame impulse sale shopping in Lakeland a few months ago. They had a bread shaped cake mould very heavily discounted probably because everyone else going into Lakeland had far more sense than me, but I was all “ohh you could split it into two and put jam in the middle and it’d be like a cake jam sandwich!” even though normally I avoid novelty cake moulds like the plague, as they’re difficult to judge the correct amount of mixture and the timings, plus there’s only so many times you want to cook a bread shaped cake. But I bought it. Mr. Lacer likes Victoria sponge cakes, so it was perfect for him, so I made the Victoria sponge recipe minus the gooseberry variation that I had made earlier this week from How to Be a Domestic Goddess. The resulting cake was fine (not quite as nice as the gooseberry variation though, I think the elderflower squash in the batter really makes a nice difference). I think the fact that it was meant to look like a bread jam sandwich was totally lost on everyone, it just looked like I’d had problems with the cake filling the (normal) cake tin properly, too much lining paper or something.


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