Embroidery reject or why I really should remember that I don’t like variegated floss


I’m still in love with my long term projects, one such project is an embroidered patchwork bag, where I’m going to use various embroidery patterns that I’ve always wanted to stitch but never had a reason to, in with the patchwork. Anyway, one of the patterns was Urban Threads ‘Be Awesome Today’ pattern and it was looking so good until as a last step I decided to satin stitch fill awesome with variegated thread, sigh I never learn. No offence to people who do like variegated thread but it’s not for me but I still have some left from when I bulk bought some thread a few years ago and part of my long term projects recently have also been to use what I’ve got, hence a lot of patchwork and using those embroidery patterns I’d never got round to stitching. I think the use of variegated thread in this pattern makes the awesome look less distinct than what it originally looked like when it just had it’s pink back stitch outline and the varying colours makes it almost look dirty in a way. I think if I were to do this again I probably would still fill stitch but maybe with a bright solid green. I know I could unpick but no, move on and up and count it as a design lesson learnt.

2 thoughts on “Embroidery reject or why I really should remember that I don’t like variegated floss

    1. I agree, although I would make the exception for scarves and hats knitted from Noro wool, I’m a bit addicted to knitting those!

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