A Game of Thrones

Most of the time in this household it’s me recommending books to Mr. Lacer, which is always a bit futile as he’s not as much of a reader as I am and can only reliably be relied to read anything by Terry Pratchett, however he’s been reading the Game of Thrones books and I must have rubbed off a little on him, as he’s been reading them before watching the TV series. Anyway he’s been on at me, in an act of role reversal, to read the Game of Thrones books for a while and I wasn’t keen, I thought they might be a bit Dungeons and Dragons-y but I relented after Mr. Lacer told me that they were a bit like but better than The White Queen, which we’re watching at the moment (ooh I love that series, I am desperate for King Edward to go and chop off Neville’s head, I will definitely read the books one day, here I am breaking my own book before TV/film rule). So I gave A Game of Thrones a try and despite me not really loving the opening chapters, it caught me hook, line and sinker shortly after.

I feel like I may possibly be the last person to read A Game of Thrones but for those that haven’t, it’s an epic fantasy set in a world where the seasons lasts for years, it has been a long summer but winter is coming and changes are afoot. The Starks live in Winterfell, when Lord Stark is summoned south to be the hand of King Robert, an old friend who he helped seize the throne from the last Dragon king years before, he goes reluctantly. He finds that all is not well at court, the Queen’s family, the Lannister’s are plotting. Things don’t go well, to put it mildly and soon war is on the horizon.

There’s an absolutely mammoth cast of characters and a world map full of locations, with added ‘zombies’ thrown in to. A Game of Thrones satisfied my magical realism urges despite being pure fantasy because it was a lot more about the politics between the families, with only a tiny bit of magic throne in. Really it felt more like reading a historical novel instead of a fantasy one. And the foodie embroiderer in me was absolutely lapping up the descriptions of the food and all the lavishly embroidered costumes, the likelihood of me embroidering something Game of Thrones related is very high, I can see why there’s so much embroidered Game of Thrones fan art out there now.

**** (out of 5)

I’m committed to reading the whole darn series now, dammit.



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