Blueberry maple syrup cornbread


Recipe from the latest issue of The Simple Things magazine, which is a magazine I end up buying more often or not every month, although I try not to, the pages of things to buy in the magazine (things which more often or not are pretty expensive) always feels incongruous for a magazine purporting to be about a simple life. However I usually end up buying it when I fancy a magazine to read and it’s too long a wait before my favourites, Molly Makes, Cross Stitcher and Crafty Magazine are out again. But anyway, the blueberry cornbread at least is simple and extremely wholesome, possibly too wholesome for those who believe their cake should be all about the sugar and the dairy, with it’s cornmeal and wholemeal flour mix, oil base (recipe said to use walnut oil, which I didn’t have, so I used rapeseed oil, either way it seemed to impart quite a nutty flavour) and the maple syrup for the sweetness. However I’ve already eaten a few portions, the boy who will eat any cake has eaten his but Girl Lacer, who hates overly sweet cakes, seems to think this cake has swung to far the other way.


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