Creative Wednesday – stem stitch


I know stem stitch is a popular stitch with embroiderers, but it’s never been a stitch in my repertoire and I’ve always struggled with it, so basically I’ve always avoided it. However a few months ago I was working on a series of patterns from Little Dorrit and Co. and they’ve got some great instructions on how to complete their patterns now and some of it involved stem stitch, so I gritted my teeth and got stem stitching. The resulting embroideries are what I’ve been cutting those 6cm squares for (still going glacially slowly), so I haven’t blogged them yet but trust me, some of the stem stitch on them – ropey but I found that if I got into the right rhythm my stem stitch wasn’t that bad. And well, embroidery like with anything is one of those things you’ve got to keep practicing and I’ve since moved onto stitching some patterns by Polka & Bloom and although those don’t have stitch suggestions, I thought stem stitch would be perfect, for well, the stems and although some bits are still ropey, I’m getting better.

Check here for a stem stitch how to.

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