Another year, another lot of fabric flowers


I know I made these last year for Boy Lacer’s last lot of teachers, but I think they’re a really fun (and easy) teacher gift, so I made them again. They’re from All Sewn Up by Chloe Owens, a book which I really must make more from (other than the fabric flowers over and over again).

This is the last year I’m making teacher gifts; Boy Lacer (who is my youngest) is about to move on up to Juniors and well, it just doesn’t seem to be the done thing (at least to me anyway) to make gifts for the Junior teachers. I can’t believe in a few days I won’t be walking through the infants side of the school again, I have to say I will not miss the endless queues behind jams of buggies (and yeah, I know, back when Girl Lacer was in infants that would have been me with a buggy with Boy Lacer in it) but I will miss the connection that you get with the infant teachers, the junior teachers are understandably a little more remote.

When you have a baby I think it’s natural (or understandable) to at least on some scale make some assumptions / hopes / dreams about what your child will be like when they’re older. When Boy Lacer was diagnosed, as a very young child, with ASD, those assumptions change, I had always looked at the future prospect of Boy Lacer going into Juniors with some trepidation, I assumed that he would probably go into a special needs unit because he wouldn’t be able to cope with the ‘less cuddly’ environment outside of Infants. I am grateful to Boy Lacer and the staff in the infants department for challenging those assumptions, as Boy Lacer moved up the years he showed that he actually thrived under the increasing class structure (he found the free play of Reception daunting) and I think he will benefit from the increased structure of Juniors even more, ably boosted by skills taught to him via the Infants staff. And that assumption about him needing to go into a special needs unit, totally wrong. I feel like the teachers need a lot more than fabric flowers and Boy Lacer needs a giant medal for all his hard work.


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