Creative Wednesday – watercolour embroidery


I thought I’d try some watercolour tinting for a new embroidery piece today, I didn’t use quite the right fabric though, from what I’d read I knew it was best to use a 100% cotton but as usual I used what I had. I generally use stuff billed as ‘cotton sheeting’ for embroidery, it’s cheap, plentiful, but does tend to be on the thin side, so I normally double it over, so that the threads don’t show through. I’d run out of the stuff recently and when going to buy some more, I noticed that the material had changed, there’s definitely some man made fibre in there. So, there’s a lot of bleeding going on, I think it could still possibly turn out ok though, given the subject of the piece and you know, experiment, experiment, experiment.

(The inspiration for this (pattern from Urban Threads by the way) was of course Game of Thrones, I discovered that I hadn’t actually finished the whole audiobook of Clash of Kings, oops, so it has been making fine listening this evening as I work, just got to a really exciting bit…..)


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