A Clash of Kings edited 26/7/13


Sooo, the second book in the Games of Thrones series, or should I say A Song of Fire and Ice (I think Game of Thrones sounds so much better). In this one, A Clash of Kings, Kings are cropping up all over the place and there isn’t that much fighting because they’re all holed up waiting to see what the others will do. For me personally I’m continuing to adore even more my favourite characters; Arya and Tyrion and wanting half the others to meet brutal ends.

I don’t read much epic fantasy, so I’m finding it a little odd that there is no, at least partial, resolution at the end of each book, in my opinion there aren’t even any particularly dramatic cliffhangers at the end of each book either, not at a particularly greater scale than those cliffhangers scattered throughout the book as we switch from character to character anyway. If I were to write a series I’d want to have at least a resolution to say a particular problem that was in that particular book but I’m not George RR Martin! Anyway lack of satisfying resolution or not, It hasn’t stopped me downloading the next book!

**** (out of 5)


Ok, ignore most of that, I realised a few days after I’d written this post that I’d stupidly only read half of the book! That’s what you get when you’re ‘reading’ audiobooks I guess. I’ve just finished reading the second half and whereas of course what turned out to be the first half was good, the second half was even more exciting! More fighting, with some epic battle scenes and ooh I was either cheering on or wanting to throttle most of the characters. At the actual end of Clash Kings, there still isn’t any resolution but it’s been left on some mighty cliffhangers, so I will be reading the next one forthwith!

(And a changed score, because the second half was even more epic and exciting) ***** (out of 5)



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