Storm Front


Umm yes, I’ll admit it, the prime reason why I downloaded this audiobook, was because James Marsters was narrating, he’s on that short list of people who could read me the phone book and I’d be happy but it turned out to be a pretty good book for Marsters to be reading. Storm Front is the first of a long series of books called The Dresden Files, stories about Chicago’s only openly practicing wizard, Harry Dresden. Imagine a private dick story but with magic, it’s that sort of book. Dresden has a bit of a troubled past but he’s got his cop friend, a reporter friend come almost girlfriend and a spirit that inhabits a skull, that functions as his girl obsessed computer. Somebody is selling a new drug in town, one that enables ordinary mortals to see with the third sight and at the same time hearts are exploding out of people’s chests, Harry is forced to investigate. Private dick type stories run a fine line between comfortable convention and cliche, even ones with wizards in and it did get a bit too cliched in places but I enjoyed it and I can easily see myself reading more.

**** (out of 5)


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