Creative Wednesday: Day of the Dead Mats

Day of the Dead mats

I stitched these through our recent heatwave and I had hoped that by the time I finished these mats, I’d be able to stick them on our sun soaked garden table and enjoy a few drinks but the weather’s gone all grey and miserable, as if the heat of the last few weeks were but a dream, so I’ll just have to put up with my bad light photos again.

Day of the Dead mats

Having said that, the fourth of the mat set, I’ve already decided looks better on my bedside table.

Day of the Dead mats

I had stitched the four; three versions of this pattern from Polka and Bloom plus a version of this pattern also from Polka and Bloom, with the idea of having a matching four piece set, the colours used in the large skull mat are the same colours used to stitch the three colourways of the small skull mats, but I think the increased detail in the large skull doesn’t go well with the three smaller skulls.

Day of the Dead mats

I had a lot of fun playing with colour with these patterns and I particularly enjoyed stitching the large skull pattern, I can easily see myself stitching that again, I’d love it blown up on a T-shirt.

Day of the Dead mats

It feels so good to have actually finished a piece of embroidery, I still have two other (older) embroidery projects on the go, that will not see the light of blog for sometime, as they require ‘putting into things’.

(The mats were made up simply with a sandwich of backing fabric and sew on fairly heavyweight interfacing).


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