Sunny check bag


After finishing off the Day of the Dead mats yesterday, I was inspired to carry on sewing (I’m so like that, I won’t do any sewing for ages then all it takes is just one little task I ‘have’ to do, I do it (reluctantly) and then it’s all like “hey that was fun, let’s do more!”). Using more of the fabric I had used to back the mats, I drafted up then made my own bag (which was what I had actually bought the fabric for in the first place).

I am quite pleased with the result, the fabric just makes me smile, but the handle is a bit naff, going to show that when trying to translate 3D thoughts in my head to 2D patterns and then back to actual 3D objects, I’ve got some work practice to do (and maybe I need to get meself a dressmakers curve to).


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