Funfetti cookies


I am addicted to those sugar strand cake topping things, every Easter (since M&S have started selling them), I have to get myself one of those shaped chocolate things (one year it was Percy Pig, another Hello Kitty), where the clothes on the character are made out of sugar strands (sometimes *whisper* it’s more than one and it’s always way before actual Easter). I am also addicted to Fabs, because of their sugar strand coating and ooh M&S pink, sugar strand donuts. So anyway, I like those sugar strands things, so when I saw a recipe on Pinterest for cookies with sugar strands in ….. well I didn’t wait my usual year plus before actually cooking a recipe I’d pinned.


The recipe was easy enough, although I didn’t add as much sugar strands as the recipe suggested (3/4 of a cup!), as well, I don’t know about the US but you only get them in small containers here and they’re not that cheap, so I used just one container (about 1/4 of cup). Also I had to substitute baking soda with baking powder, as we don’t really have baking soda here, a quick google suggested I needed to add four times as much baking powder to replace the baking soda but that can lead to a bit of a funny taste, so I just doubled the amount, which meant my cookies didn’t rise as much as in the original recipe.

The recipe I think was designed to replicate a cake mix (I don’t know, is Funfetti a brand of cake mix? We don’t have it here), so had lots of almond extract, which was quite nice. They’re meant to be soft batch, so the recipe has strict instructions not to over bake, so I didn’t over bake and now I’m not quite convinced they’re cooked through lol, but they are crisping up a little as they cool.

As for the sugar strands, well maybe if I had put 3x containers of the stuff in, they’d have been more noticeable but also actually baking them does change their texture a bit and what makes me so addicted to the things is their texture.

I’m glad I made the recipe, that recipe was just calling me from my Pinterest board but it probably won’t be one I make again.


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