Sugar saucers (Baked in America)


The obsession with sprinkles continues, these are better than the Funfetti cookies thankfully, although absolutely mahoosive and very filling, even half a one. I need to switch my ‘flavourless’ oil though, the recipe called for canola oil, aka rapeseed oil but you can very much taste it in the cookies, it’s not bad just a little off putting (Girl Lacer doesn’t like it at all). As the introduction to the book I got the recipe from, Baked in America by David Muniz and David Lesniak, says in a section on ingredients, rapeseed oil is going the way of olive oil and is getting all pressed this and pressed that and consequently these days has more flavour, I checked my bottle of rapeseed oil, turns out it’s so posh it’s got it’s virtually got its own pedigree, what you get when you shop in Waitrose ;). Muniz and Lesniak recommend possibly switching to something like sunflower oil, I’ll remember that when I run out of the posh rapeseed oil.

This is the first thing I’ve baked from Baked in America, despite me owning this book for ages (me bad). I will admit readily that the main reason why I bought this book was because of the neat idea of the smarties flower decorations on the cake on the front cover.


It has all the normal things you’d expect from an American baking book; brownies, massive cookies, muffins, whoopie pies, pound cakes, etc. etc. There’s a fair few nutty recipes, which is a bit of a downer for someone who doesn’t like nuts (or if you’re allergic to them) but that seems to be the only negative. It’s an interesting looking book and there’s plenty of original / authentic recipes that I don’t already have in my overflowing collection and at the same time the recipes aren’t too fancy either, making it a practical book full of recipes you can imagine most people, rapeseed oil aside, would eat (as long as they’re not on a diet!).


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