Chocolate flapjack biscuits


(Chocolate not quite set yet, but when is that ever going to stop me?)

My cooking mojo hasn’t really returned with the cooler weather but my cooking mojo is making a big exception for biscuits apparently. I’m trying to be more organised about keeping my baking supplies up to date, I am rubbish at menu planning, I try but I can guarantee you whatever I planned to cook for the week, I won’t actually want to eat when it comes to it and if I do fancy cooking something, chances are I’ll be missing a key ingredient but it’s different for baking, other than things like cream and buttermilk, which I don’t regularly have in my fridge, I’ve pretty much got most of the other ingredients I’d need, with only a modicum of prior organisation. I did a bit of a stock up this weekend actually and was sad enough to take a photo of my shopping 😉


(Not in shot, some dried mixed fruit to ….. and I don’t use polos for baking, I’m just addicted to them)

And it was a good thing I did because I didn’t know I wanted to bake anything today until about half an hour before I actually went into the kitchen, so even though I was actually in a supermarket this morning to, I wouldn’t have thought to have bought that cooking chocolate I used today.

Anyway, to the actual biscuits, they’re chocolate flapjack biscuits from Biscuit by Miranda Gore Browne, who was a finalist on Great British Bake Off a year or two back (Great British Bake Off back on 20th August, yipeeeee!!!!!) . The book is gorgeous and as typical for me, despite having this book for ages, have I cooked from it before? Nope. There’s biscuits for just about every occasion in the book and not that I’ve got anything against cookies, it’s very much is a biscuit book, quite British, which is refreshing. And anyway, the actual biscuits taste quite nice, in a slightly healthyish way, although I would more call them oat biscuits, rather than flapjack, as they’re not that syrupy or buttery. I adjusted the recipe slightly, switching from milk chocolate to plain, as that’s what I had and halving the amount, drizzling it across rather than spreading it, I think they look a bit more ‘GBO’ that way. If you have the book and are cooking the recipe, watch the times, my biscuits browned very quickly.


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