Creative Wednesday: Avian Friends Activity Journal


I am a big fan of Geninne Zlatkis’ work, her blog is beautiful and inspiring. So I was very excited when she wrote that she would have an activity journal published. I was totally split though between thinking “that would be great for Girl Lacer, that would be great for me“, me won out, heh heh. Although finally getting the book from Amazon (it took a while), I’m thinking I’m going to have to order another copy for Girl Lacer for her birthday, as this is the sort of thing she’d love to.

The book is split into sections; color me, watercolor paintings, activities and sketch and journal. The sketch and journal section has a variety of different style papers (coloured, lined, plain, partially illustrated), in fact talking about paper, the quality of the paper in the book is really nice, not that I’ve used watercolour on it yet (I so wanted to but my day got away with me) but I think it’d be fine, you wouldn’t get that with some other colouring / activity books. I really like the idea of the watercolour section, a lot of Zlatkis’ work is in watercolour, so it seems natural to have it here. Only having a snatched few minutes today though, I grabbed my Sharpies for the color me section, now of course no paper withstands those bleeding through (which is why I’ve got a piece of paper behind the page I’m working on).

Part of my ‘Creative Wednesday’ is to improve my drawing skills, sticking to colouring books may be a very slow way to go about it but it’s also meant to be fun and I am addicted, in all the creative things I do (with the exception perhaps of baking, where my baking is pretty much uniformly brown, I’m not a great one for coloured icings) with the act of choosing colours, finding colours that go together, that feeling of something just right, always tickles my pleasure centres!


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