Blueberry and apple ice lolly (People’s Pops)

Not going to win any awards for food photography this one.

I’d imagine most mums have tried to make homemade ice lollies, I’ve certainly tried in the past, with either fruit juice or squash and they’ve always come out a little bland. Also I hate the ice lolly moulds for sale in this country, they’ve gone too fancy with plastic handles I loathe. I’ve looked everywhere for just a plain, simple ice lolly mould, you know, the sort where the ice lolly comes out actual ice lolly shaped and you have to stick a wooden stick in it but never could find any. Eventually I did find some, on Amazon, from a seller in the States, US, your ice lolly moulds rock! Anyway, so with this searching for the ideal ice lolly mould, it’s meant I’ve been sitting on two ice lolly books for about a year (I know I could have used the plastic handle ice lolly moulds I hate but that’s another thing, those plastic handle ice lolly moulds only make 4 ice lollies whereas the recipes in the books make ten and I didn’t fancy doing the maths or buying multiple of the horrible things (also those plastic handle ones take up much more space)). But I got my ice lolly mould, so I got making, Girl Lacer chose the first recipe from the first book, People’s Pops, a book from a Brooklyn ice lolly company, she chose cranberry and apple but I couldn’t get hold of any frozen cranberries, so I substituted for blueberries. The recipe was incredibly easy, making the most delicious puree, we froze that and hey presto ice lollies!

The result was gorgeous, well thought it was gorgeous, the fruit puree made a more ‘fruity’ texture than if say the ice lolly was just frozen juice. I really liked the texture, the ice lolly almost (only almost, I know how much sugar went in it) tastes healthy (it’s healthier than a normal ice lolly anyway I reckon) but Girl Lacer didn’t like the lolly that much, precisely because of the texture. (Boy Lacer just doesn’t like ice lollies – because they drip on him).

I don’t care about the critics though, I am so making more of the recipes from this book, there are some really weird and wonderful flavour combinations that you’re just not going to get in a supermarket ice lolly and well that is one of the joys of doing it yourself. I want to try things like blueberry and buttermilk, raspberries and basil, blackberries and rose, apricot and lavender, peach and jalapeno, roasted peach, honeydew and ginger, watermelon and parsley, watermelon and lemongrass, watermelon and cucumber and apple and rose. The book is also a great encouragement to invent different flavour combinations yourself.

I’ll be trying out my other ice lolly book to, I don’t care if Autumn is galloping towards us!


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