A Feast For Crows

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Soooo, book four of A Song of Ice and Fire, it is getting progressively harder to write reviews as I go along as I don’t want to reveal any spoilers and where no character is safe even saying something like “ooh that chapter with X in was good,” would reveal that X had at least managed to survive the first three books. But I’ll give this review my best shot.

I didn’t think A Feast For Crows was as good as book 3 but book 3 was so good, it would have been very hard to beat it. Concentrating on characters in Kings Landing and Dorne, the reader has very little or no idea about what other, often favourite characters are up to but maybe that’s apt, as some of the characters have no idea what the other characters are up to either and not for the want of trying. I found that the story dragged a little in the Dorne bits (which was a weird sensation, in a so far very readable series) but as usual, for the book as a whole, the story ramped up at the end, leaving several incredibly teasing cliffhangers.

What I really appreciated about this book was the character progression, some of the characters (well pretty much all of them really) have been on incredible journeys and one or two have had quite a personality change but they’re very believable personality changes.

Unfortunately though one character ‘change’ was not appreciated, as usual with this series I’ve been part listening to this as an audiobook and part reading it (which in general is very unusual for me, normally audiobooks are audiobooks and books are books, although I do quite like reading it this way but unfortunately I don’t have the money or the Audible credits to do this regularly, but it is handy for such a long series). The narrator of the audiobooks has been the same for each book, which is good, I’m not sure how I’d take to differing narrators but unfortunately the narrator has changed the voices of several characters in this book and it’s quite jarring. He also bequeaths a lot of the characters with regional accents, Tyrion for example sounds Welsh, I know it must be hard creating unique voices for such a vast cast of characters but you do get the feeling that he’s running out of accents, I remember in book 3 one of the (only briefly featuring) characters sounded Australian! So be warned if you’re thinking of listening to this series in audio.

**** (out of 5)


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